love life.

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  • "I’ll be ok. I just need time to be sad."

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    "We’re all trying to forget someone."

    - Six Word Story  (via c-oquetry)

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    "I hope you fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re unwanted."


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    this is very important

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    "I loved you; you loved her."

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    when I am sad, oh god I am sad - but when I’m happy, I am happy         and there’s just no place in-between for us to meet

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    English teachers can either be the coolest teacher you ever had or the worst thing ever

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    "We fall in love with one version of someone and we expect them to stay that way, but they never do."

    - Olivia Wilde, Her: Love in the Modern Age (via poetisch)

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    sometimes i realize there are so many things i won’t remember in 50 years like the way the sky looked this morning and all the dogs i saw today and my mom’s voice and i get so sad i never want to forget

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